Our Service

Our main activity includes technical support and the selection of dedicated solutions, including investment, renovation maintenance and optimization solutions in the field of new technologies, ways of organizing and supporting production.


Types of our solutions:

1. Providing new effective and innovative solutions in the field of:

  • industrial automation
  • power hydraulics
  • mechanics

2. Support for new investments:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Launch

3. Maintenance:

  • Preventive
  • Routine
  • Planned
  • Monitored
  • Emergency

4. Supplying spare parts:

  • Standard replacement parts
  • Spare parts on request
  • Reproduction of spare parts from nature using the Rapid Prototyping method
  • Redesign of spare parts
  • Certification tests of spare parts
  • Consignment warehouse of spare parts

5. Examples of industry projects::


  • equipment for the technology of chemically bonded sands
  • spare parts for blast machines
  • spare parts for chemically bonded sand equipment, including: mixer fillers, pneumatic transport systems, sand regeneration systems
  • repair of electronic systems
  • modernization of control systems
  • vibration technologies (transport of sieving/knocking out, spare parts for all devices used in the foundry industry, shock grates, mass cooling systems, shot blasting machines, shooting machines, induction furnaces and many others)


We offer services in the field of comprehensive execution of steel structures:

  • designing,
  • production,
  • assembling.

We have our own steel structure factory and a wide base of permanent subcontractors in the following scope:

  • TIG/MIG/MAG and gas welding,
  • surfacing,
  • plasma, oxygen and laser cutting,
  • automated cutting and CNC machining,
  • shot blasting and painting,
  • galvanic coatings,

We have the following certificates: PN ISO 3834; PN ISO 1090; PN ISO 15085 giving the possibility of welding black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Our constructions are delivered all over the world and work in the following industries:

  • construction
  • machine
  • agricultural
  • railway
  • mining
  • foundry

Sample products:

  • welded steel structures
  • silos and tanks
  • pipelines
  • supports
  • dust extraction channels
  • precise equipment for CNC machines
  • welded devices prefabricated devices
  • welding of tracks, castors, turntables
  • welding of mechanical elements with complex geometry
  • welding of covers and structural elements


We offer design and engineering solutions and spare parts for the broadly understood rail vehicle industry:

1. cast iron brake blocks:

  • DO-250B insert
  • DO-320B insert
  • DO-380B insert
  • W14,

2. composite brake pads,

3. elements of rolling stock equipment:

  • rail vehicle lighting,
  • blinds and other window accessories,
  • door parts and locks,
  • toilet equipment and parts for vacuum toilets,
  • tables, dustbins and other interior furnishings,
  • electrical and electronic parts,
  • parts for Hasler and PIAP speedometers and transmitters
  • conductor keys, safety hammers and other keys,
  • HARTING connectors and solutions
  • railway springs
  • spare parts
  • elements of locomotive equipment
  • elements of tram equipment
  • repair of components for rail vehicles

4. Polyester glass laminates:

  • external elements (vehicle fronts, bumpers, headlight covers, roofs, etc.) and internal elements (wall and ceiling linings, toilets, restaurant cars, driver’s cabins, dashboards, etc.).
  • models, forms, end elements armed with metal inserts based on the submitted technical documentation
  • laminates meet the requirements of the PN-EN-45545-2 standard for non-flammability required in rail vehicles

5. Wheels, rims.


We provide employees for individual industries with the following profiles:

  • production line worker
  • construction worker
  • an employee of installation works
  • welding worker
  • assembly worker.