TitanX series hydraulic head breaker

TitanX series hydraulic head breaker – all-Polish production, world quality.
Responding to the demands of the foundry market, we would like to present a Polish product – the Polish head breaker. The product was manufactured in Poland, based on the company’s extensive experience and expertise.

Intended use

The hydraulic head breaker is designed to break off runner elements and riser heads. The device can be used for ductile iron, gray iron and manganese cast steel, bronze and aluminum. Fast and effective service thanks to simple design of our head breakers requiring little force applied by the operator.

Large production boost can be achieved with significant savings. For instance, a single operator using a head breaker can replace several workers using traditional claw hammers for this operation.

Thanks to the unique design of their hydraulic system, the TitanX head breakers reduce the risk of damaging cast elements. The breaking surface is clean and smooth, and is situated exactly in the planned spot.

TitanX head breakers eliminate the risk of accidents which is normally associated with the use of traditional hammers and disc cutters.

Such injuries as cuts, back pain and backbone trauma resulting from heavy and repeating physical strain are significantly reduced. This results from the use of dedicated balancers which reduce the force which needs to be exerted by the operator. The noise level is also lowered, which significantly improves the comfort of work.

The head breaker equipment consists of three main elements:

– a head breaker
– a balancer
– a hydraulic unit

The Hydraulic Unit is operated from the electric panel and feeds working pressure to head breakers. Pressure is automatically adjusted, in order to minimize damages to the cast elements in the area where the breaker jaws contact the cast. The hydraulic unit can operate 1, 2, 3, 4 or more head breakers.

We design and manufacture customized hydraulic units.

Our hydraulic units are also manufactured in Poland, based on the extensive expertise of our engineers and our vast experience. Our balancers are reliable devices sourced on the local market.

All devices in our offer are covered with full service in Poland.  We guarantee continuous access to all spare parts and consumables. Each spare part for our head breakers and hydraulic units will reach our client within 24 hours from ordering. 

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