Our main activity includes technical support and selection of dedicated solutions, including investment, renovation, product and optimization in the field of new technologies, methods of organization and production support.

We provide maintenance services in the field of:

  • industrial automation
  • power hydraulics
  • mechanics

We can offer you solutions in the field of:


  • cast iron brake inserts :
    • Insert DO-250B
    • Insert DO-320B
    • Insert DO-380B
    • W14,
  • composite brake blocks
  • rolling stock equipment components, which are a product of the Darpol company, of which we are a direct representative on the Polish market, including:
    • rail vehicle lighting
    • blinds and other window accessories
    • door parts and locks
    • toilet equipment and parts for vacuum toilets
    • tables, dustbins and other interior fittings
    • electrical and electronic parts
    • parts for Hasler and PIAP speedometers and transmitters
    • conductor keys, safety hammers and other keys
    • HARTING connectors and solutions
    • railway springs
    • spare parts
    • elements of locomotive equipment
    • elements of tram equipment
    • repairs of components for rail vehicles
  • Polyester glass laminates :
    • external components (fronts of vehicles, bumpers, headlight covers, roofs etc.) as well as internal (lining of walls and ceilings, building toilets, restaurant wagons, driver’s cabin, desktops, etc.)
    • models, forms, end elements armed with metal inserts based on the submitted technical documentation
    • laminates meet the requirements of the PN-EN-45545-2 standard for non-flammability required in rail vehicles
  • Wheels, rims
  • services in the field of repair or delivery of replacement rail gears from leading manufacturers (Gminder, Siemens / Flender, Voith Turbo)


  • devices for chemically bonded mass technologies
  • spare parts for shot blasting machines
  • spare parts for no-bake machines: continous mixers, pneumatic transport systems, sand reclamation systems
  • electronic system repairs
  • modernization of control systems
  • vibrating technologies (screening / knocking out transport, spare parts for all equipment used in the foundry industry, shock screens, mass cooling systems, shot blasting machines, induction furnaces and many others)


  • welded steel structures
  • silos
  • pipelines
  • support
  • dedusting channels
  • welded prefabricated equipment


  • laser cutting :
    • cutting sheet metal
    • the ability to laser cut pipes, profiles and profiles
  • cutting with water
  • sheet metal bending on numerically controlled press brakes
  • welding machine frames and bodies
  • welding tanks
  • welding of tracks, running gears, turntables
  • welding mechanic elements (also with complicated geometry)
  • welding covers and structural elements
  • machining of welded bodies, machine parts, tracks, rotators, welding equipment elements, frames, cell bodies, plastic and non-ferrous metal elements
  • assembly of machines and devices – as part of full machine execution
  • painting steel structures
  • assembly and adjustment of technological equipment
  • assembly of control cabinets
  • heat and surface treatment
  • cnc instruments, tool mounting


we provide qualified specialists to work from Poland and abroad


  • railway service in the scope of technical inspections of rolling stock, freight, volatile service groups in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the field of emergency mechanical repairs, inspections and mechanical repairs
  • current repairs of freight and passenger cars