Noble disinfection

We are pleased to announce that from May 7, 2020 we began cooperation as the official distributor of Mennica-Metale. The company dates back to the times of King Augustus, who in 1766 founded the Warsaw Mint. Initially, the Precious Metals Department was part of the Polish Mint.
In May 2018, the assets of the Mint – Metale Szlachetne S.A. were bought by Polski Bazalt S.A. as a result, the Company was established in the current structure.

The Company’s products and services can be divided into 5 main groups:

  • Catalytic Grids,
  • Laboratory equipment,
  • Rolled products,
  • Refining and recovery of precious metals,
  • Chemical products, including acids, nitrates, colloids (Ag and Au), precious metal powders, phosphor pigments.

Recently, the situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our approach to life and related disinfection, it is important to have adequate resources for this type of activity. The ubiquitous available alcohol-based agents unfortunately cause many side effects from skin allergies ranging from unpleasant smell. Another problem is the life span of such a product, which after several minutes, after the actual time needed for evaporation of alcohol, loses its disinfecting properties. Ultimately, the most important factor is the price, which due to the still unstable market situation is constantly changing. This is due to the volatility of the price of alcohol itself, which is the main component of gels and liquids available on the market.

Thanks to the established cooperation, we are able to offer you products that do not have alcohol and chlorine. The smell of the rooms after applying disinfectant liquids allows them to stay in them immediately after the work has been carried out. However, the effectiveness of the preparations sold has been confirmed and provided with an appropriate accreditation certificate.

Obtaining a certificate in such a short time was possible because it was supported by research in 
a laboratory whose history has over 250 years of tradition. Along with the creation of the Warsaw Mint, the first laboratory was launched to determine the degree of purity of gold and silver.
After the war, in 1952, the laboratory began operating at the newly built headquarters at ul. Pereca, gradually expanding the scope of research techniques and modernizing measuring equipment. Since 2012, the Analytical Laboratory is located in Radzymin.

Technological capabilities of the Mennica – Metale allow the preparation of preparations with nanoparticles in various forms (solutions and powders), with different concentrations and with different particle sizes.

Our technologies have enabled the production of disinfectant fluids containing nano particles.


We offer 4 types of preparations targeted at corporate and individual clients.

Septilver OXO

Disinfection of surfaces, tools, rooms, pavements, vehicles.
For universal use. Virucidal and bactericidal preparation.

Septilver OXO for hands

Disinfection of hands, surfaces, tools, rooms, pavements, vehicles. For universal use. Virucidal
and bactericidal preparation.

Septilverol MAX

A product based on ethanol for disinfection. For universal use. Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal preparation and one preparation intended for professional use.

Septilver OXO MAX

Disinfection of surfaces, tools, rooms, pavements of vehicles. For professional use (product in the form
of a concentrate). Virucidal and bactericidal preparation.

Our specially created team will provide you with all the information about your products and our production capabilities. Thanks to the Shipping Company owned by the group, we are able to provide you
with a comprehensive service along with the delivery of products to a designated place both in Poland and abroad.

I invite you to cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Paweł Marzec
President of the Board

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